New Review Scam or Legit


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13,121 is a paid survey site where you will get reward points every time you complete a survey. Founded in 2009 by Mintscan. This survey site serves more than 15 countries around the world such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sweden, US, US, Vietnam etc. The number of countries will be added in the future. Minimum member is 16 years old, so when you register you need to include your name, email, zipcode, and age, you also need to verify your email to activate your account, you also need to complete your profile to receive survey assignments that match your background and interests. Every time you complete a survey you will get reward points around $ 0.50 - $ 10. Minimum cash out
USD 12.50 via PayPal, or you can also exchange it for gift cards.
At first glance the Viewpointpanel site looks interesting and promising but unfortunately I found a number of major complaints out there, so I can't recommend this site.


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What did you do? Did you just stop or you reported it? If I were you, I reported it so that they cannot make any victims and that their site is just a waste of time.