SEO Traffic Type


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To improve SEO Traffic is an endless job, we must continuously improve our traffic on search engines. To be able to improve the quality of traffic we need to know the type of SEO traffic, namely:

1. Quality Traffic
For forum sites must be able to present quality contents, delete spam, plagiarism, and posts that are less informative.
So that visitors from out there (not members) will feel satisfied getting the information they are looking for.

2. Quantity of Traffic
In general, the amount of traffic is calculated based on the number of visitors both members and non-members, but we also need to analyze the duration of the visit, the country of origin of site visitors, page views etc. And this is all we don't need to calculate manually we can use free widgets like Google analytics and widget counters.

3. Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic is the most preferred by site owners because it can bring in more visitors and it's free.
The method is very simple, we just type keywords in the search bar. for example we type "" then we click the link that appears on the monitor screen, a visit through this link is called organic traffic.