Free ASK Cryptocurrency


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ASK Cryptocurrency was created by, and will start trading on Bithumb on September 17, 2020.
ASK's total supply of 100 billion
Supply in circulation 2,024,461,003 ASK

ASK allocation
40% of ASK is allocated to users and ecosystems (ie incentive programs and user referrals).
15% allocated to team to ensure management alignment.
25% is for ASK buyers and supporters who intend to participate and provide support for the sustainable development of the network and ecosystem.
20% is earmarked as an incentive for developers and advisors to help drive ASK adoption,

According to the developer, it is estimated that ASK will be completed in 120 months or 10 years. If the adoption of ASK and users of the platform increases, the price of this asset is predicted to increase.

How to Get Free ASK, which can be used for shopping or Exchange for USDT on Bithumb
1. 100 ASk if Signup using Invitation link
2. 100 ASK if it has 2 FA verification
3. Watching Video earn 100 ASK