New Review: Scam or Legit


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507 is an online multiwallet service with it's own faucets attached. You can use it as a conventional online wallet, with a few pros and cons.

Here are the details, from my experience:

The only real restriction I have found is withdraw- and deposit limits. Let's take dogecoin: you can withdraw the minimum of 100 doge, and deposit the minimum of 1000 (!) doge. While withdraw may seem okay, don't send extreme small amounts (see fees below), the deposit limit is somewhat high, and lesser deposits are simply lost to you, your balance will not be credited.

- multi currencies: btc, bch, doge, ltc, dash (also coinpot token, the internal currency)
- free swap: you can swap your currencies between eachother, or to coinpot token, without fee, at the current prices of the the swap pairs
- no network or withdraw fee! If you have the minimum withdraw amount of a given crypto, you can send it to another address for free.
- faucets attached, that will automatically pay to your coinpot balance on claim (see faucets section)
- internal lottery, multiplier and challenges system: these are rewards for claiming from faucets, and a way to make more of what you got, or loose it in a few clicks as well.

Moon faucets:

These are attached directly to coinpot, on registration you'll need to use the e-mail address you used at coinpot, and the rewards from claims go to your coinpot balance directly. These are the so-called moon faucets, from which you can mostly claim every 5 minutes, and the first has a 15 minutes claim timer. The others with the 5 min timer do build up the amount you can claim over time, so you may not do the best if you try to claim every 5 minutes - but I'll leave that to everyone to test. claim every 15 minutes for up to 5000 Satoshi (average is around 20). Needs a password and e-mail verification claim every 5 mins, but if you choose, you can claim later for bigger rewards. Also needs password and e-mail verification you only need to enter your e-mail you used for coinpot registration. These three pay to your BTC balance. only e-mail needed, pays to the coinpot doge balance. only e-mail needed, pays to the coinpot LTC balance. same, the claim goes to your dash balance. same, pays in BCH. This last one is even more loaded with heavy ads than the rest.

From these faucets you can have regular claim, and all those go to your coinpot wallet. You also get coinpot tokens as bonus for claiming from the monn faucets, so while coinpot in itself is a wallet, by using the faucets too you can have a lot of bonuses. Each faucet listed above also have a referral option. One thing to consider: the referrals add bonus to your claims, not percentage of their claims.


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1,108 Will Be Closed
For all BitcoinDiscussionForum members who use as a microwallet from a site faucet, to immediately withdraw your crypto balance, because this month will be closed.


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it's rather sad to see the pioneers in the industry go down. Faucets are gradually becoming obsolete and I think that's a more reason for this sudden announcement.