Scam Review Scam or Legit


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16,021 is a PTC site from their homepage, you will get information for Free Members
Earn 100 satoshi per click, Earn10 satoshi per referral's click
Earn 1440 satoshi on faucet everyday. For Member Upgrade
Earn 1000 satoshi per click, Earn100 satoshi per referral's click
Earn 0.01 BTC on faucet everyday.
Min payout 1 satoshi, via FaucetPay or Bitcoin address
Unfortunately all the information presented on their site is fake does not correspond to reality.
From internet search results that, is a scam so you need to avoid this site, don't waste your time.


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I joined this site a couple of days ago. But as soon you want to withdraw you must have clicked on at least 100 ads or you must upgrade your account. After I clicked at 100 ads they told me I must have at least 10 referrals before I can withdraw or upgrade my account. So I upgraded my account to Premium for 0.001 BTC.
I had 0.00031000 BTC on my account after clicking on 100 ads but when I tried to withdraw I only received 0.00003100 BTC because they have a withdrawal fee of 90% (!!!!) (See my screenshot in my next post below). That's what I saw after I upgraded my account. So my advice is NOT to upgrade on this site because the withdrawal fees are much too high!!



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As I told the main thread that is a scam site, so it must be avoided, unfortunately I cannot change the status to Scam except admin and moderator. Thanks for sharing.