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Altseason, a time when altcoin prices rose rapidly compared to Bitcoin we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. Will it end or maybe we can still enjoy the altseason?

A strong sign of altseason is the decline in the dominance of Bitcoin as the largest market capitalized crypto asset over a number of altcoins.

One reason why altseason can occur is the slow pace of the Bitcoin movement in recent weeks. Bitcoin continues to consolidate between US $ 9,000-9,850 without any increase or decrease accompanied by significant volume.

In general, with low Bitcoin dominance, altcoin will perform better than Bitcoin.

Possibly large, if the price of Bitcoin rises from US $ 9,000-9,850, then altcoin will rise even more. And if the price of Bitcoin goes down from here, we can expect that the price of altcoin will not go down as much as the decline in Bitcoin.