4 ways to earn on Tipestry


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4 ways to earn:

Every week there are pools of doge that are distributed based on how many upvotes you receive. There's 1 pool for post upvotes and 1 pool for comment upvotes.

People (including admins) can tip you doge and other coins if they like your post or comment.

Post of the Week and Post of the Day contests. To win, you create a post on another site letting people know about Tipestry then link the post on Tipestry using the Enter URL function.

Refer people to Tipestry using the referral code found in your profile. If they sign up with your code, you receive a 5% bonus on top of every doge they earn (and they don't lose any). For example if they get a 100 doge tip, they get 100 doge and you get 5 doge.

About Tipestry

Tipestry is a new kind of social media platform with fair, nonpartisan moderation. Revenue is shared with the community - earn Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies for posting, leaving comments, and participating in contests. Create an account at: https://tipestry.com/

Tipcoin is the native token of Tipestry. Holding Tipcoins grants benefits including bonuses to crypto earned on the platform. Learn more about Tipcoin at: https://tipcoin.tips/

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