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    Bitcoin statement from the head of the European central bank

    She stated that Bitcoin is also used in illegal businesses and that legal regulations should be made. A part of his explanations is as follows ... “It must be definitely regulated and this must be done with a global consensus and work. If there is an escape point, this point is used...
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    What did Elon Musk say about Dogecoin?

    Investors are asking questions to Elon Musk. The most important of the questions posed is the question regarding Dogecoin. The answer given by Elon Musk to the question "Do you have any Dogecoin in your hand" was "No, but maybe one day". Could this be real?
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    Finland to sell $ 76 million bitcoin

    Finland's customs office is preparing to make money from millions of dollars' worth of Bitcoin from a drug gang. It is planned to sell 1981 Bitcoin (BTC) captured by the institution from the gang. It is reported that Finland will gain approximately $ 76 million from this transaction.
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    BNB broke a record

    BNB continues its steady rise. A new historic high was seen today: $ 44.58. Quite intense transactions on Binance are taking place at levels close to this price.
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    New Review: Scam or Legit?

    The site management made a statement yesterday and announced that the site was closed. ---SCAM---
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    Iran shuts down illegal Bitcoin farms

    According to information shared by the Financial Tribune, Iranian laws have closed 1,620 illegal cryptocurrency mining farms. The miners will reportedly be fined for the same amount of damage they inflict on the national grid.
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    New Reviews: Scam or Legit?

    payments are made smoothly.
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    Bitcoin and crypto derivatives ban in the UK

    The ban on the sale of derivatives based on cryptocurrencies to individual investors in the UK is officially in effect as of today. It was previously reported in the statements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in October that the ban will begin today.
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    11M CHZ Burned

    On January 5, 2021, Ceo Alexandre Dreyfus announced the burning of 11M CHZ coin. She stated that they burned the commission received from Fan Tokens in 2020.
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    New Review : Scam or Legit

    The site continues to pay.
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    One River makes one of the biggest cryptocurrency purchases

    Coinbase announced that One River, backed by billionaire Alan Howard, made one of the largest cryptocurrency purchases in history through them. Although no clear information is given, it is claimed that Bitcoin and Eterheum cryptocurrencies are received.
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    Top cryptos in 2020

    Bitcoin is the best crypto of 2020, according to the news from cointelegraph. Eterheum and Defi projects are just behind the list. Uniswap and Chainlink are listed as quite remarkable altcoins.
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    Bitcoin Whales Increasing

    Glassnode data reported that the number of Bitcoin wallets with more than 10,000 Bitcoins (BTC) has increased to over 100. According to data shared by Glassnode, it seems that the amount of whales currently holding more than 10,000 Bitcoins has exceeded 100. More and more people are holding $...
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    Another Bad News for Ripple and XRP

    Ripple was reportedly sued by Tetragon, Ripple's C Series principal investor. It was officially announced that Tetragon had filed a complaint with the Delaware Chancellor's Court on Monday. Tetragon allegedly wanted to prevent Ripple from using any cash or other liquid assets until the payment...
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    US Allows Banks to Use Stablecoin

    The U.S. Currency Control Bureau (OCC) announced on 04.01.2020 that banks can use stablecoins to carry out payments and other activities. There are comments made that the USA trusts the private sector to create such technologies.
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    Stellar (XLM) Rising Fast

    For altcoin, analysts say: Altcoin Has Bullish Signals As long as it is above $ 0.1400, it is predicted to continue to rise to $ 0.1800 and $ 0.2000. (Support Levels of $ 0.1500, $ 0.1480 are shown.)
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    Record Level Seen in DeFi Locked Total Value

    DeFi exceeded $ 18 billion in total locked-in value, according to DeFi Pulse data. It is reported that the sector has grown 13 times in a year.
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    Grayscale removed XRP from DLC Fund list

    Official statement made: “Following the Quarterly Review, we are delighted to announce updates for the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC Fund). The DLC Fund is a passive, rules-based strategy aimed at exposing the large capital segment of the digital asset class (70% target coverage). The...
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    Increases in Bitcoin Transfers

    Whale Alert shared new data on bitcoin transfers. It was reported that 3,727 Bitcoins were sent from an anonymous wallet to an anonymous wallet, while 5,945 BTC and 4,227 BTC were transferred between two unknown wallets.