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    After 48 Hour passed my withdraw request still pending ? NO response from BDF Blog

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    After 48 Hour passed my withdraw request still pending ? NO response from BDF Blog

    Hy,Why my withdrawal request is pending till now 48 hour passed i don;t received any support or msg from BDF Admin team.i requested withdrawal on Wednesday at 10:06 AM.NO email no respose.
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    Sell your Unused Internet and earn 100+ Per Month

    1st App Requirements: Android phone or Pc + unused internet data step1:Signup+Download app from dashboard in android phone or pc step2:open and Run app.all done Minimum Withdraw: Through PayPal, Skrill, Neteller on 20 USD 2nd App...
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    Ask Hello dears members this is what site

    Good forum.Withdrawal time can be reduced to 12 hours for users better performance
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    Share your unused internet earn monthly 140+ USD

    yes it has 1 ip address 1 application and vpn can not be used.Because they say on main page "Your earnings are determined mainly by how many devices you have connected to different IP addresses. The general rule is that the more IPs you’re connected to, the more you will earn. However, our users...
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    New Mixloads Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Join - Affiliate Program PPS: Earn 70% of Sales and 70% of Rebills. PPD: For PPD Plan contact us. 1. Upload files 2. Share them 3. Earn money PPS Get up to 70% commission for each Sale that comes from your files or referral link and 70% of Rebills. PPD If you are...
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    New Reviews: SCAM OR Legit ?

    Hi, is a paid file hosting company from Germany: it pays you when people download your file. Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates Upload your files and you'll be paid for every file downloaded on your account. Files above 100MB will count. See the payment rates below: ++++ NEW RATES...
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Katfile is a paid to upload site. There are three main ways to earn on this site: PPD, PPS, and Mixed. PPD: up to $40 for 1000 downloads for the biggest file size and plan A countries. only successful (completed) downloads count upload files up to 10GB files smaller than 5MB do not count...
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Current Website Features: - Unlimited Storage - Remote Upload From: gounlimited clipwatching vidoza oogly upstream google drive youtube our Remote Upload supports above hosts + direct download links(hotlinks) - API - SRT (Subtitles) - Ultra Fast HLS Streaming - 10Mb/s Per User Guaranteed -...
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? is an affiliate site with many opportunities to earn. First, you need to get an account on CostActioncom. Once you do that, activate your accounts on,, and This can be done directly on your CostAction account. You can choose to activate...
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Dear Uploader's, We would like to introduce you to our new service UpStream that aims to provide you with a very stable platform for uploading and sharing videos with ease. We have noticed that after most major video hosting services went down, or terminated, most webmasters and uploaders went...
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? is file sharing site where uploaders can enjoy free service. Site also have premium plan for more features. Free users can enjoy 1TB of free storage, and users of premium plan enjoy unlimited storage space. All users (including free users) enjoy full and unlimited download speed...
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    New Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT ?

    now the website has a fixed rate for all countries ( no top tier , low tier discrimination ! ) 2$ for free users 4$ for premium users PS : if you're not interrested in PPD you can get a premium account for free !
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    New Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? is a file-sharing platform that is based on Pay Per Download. Uploadmx provides FREE unlimited file space along with unlimited bandwidth without a speed cap while downloading. So it is the best for both publishers and downloaders. Uploadmx strictly not allow adult traffic and adult...
  15. G Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    How to earn money from PicturePunches? is a website that is dedicated to meme makers. This website helps users make money online by publishing humorous content. How it works is the users make money from the advertisements on the website or Donations. Every meme has a sponsored...