How to earn?

How to earn Bitcoins from

To start earning you must register your account on our forum. After registration you can start earning bitcoins immediately by posting threads and replying to threads.

What are the other ways to earn money on this forum?

You can earn more bitcoins by referring your friends and family to our forum through your referral link. You will earn 10% commissions from each thread and each reply your refferal made. You will also earn 100 Satoshi reward as soon as your referral reaches 20 threads in total.

What is satoshi?

The satoshi is the smallest unit that is recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. Your earning on our froum are displayed in satoshi.

How to make a withdraw request?

You can make a withdraw request by selecting withdraw option from the menu or you can simple click Here to go directly to withdraw page.

Which wallet can I use to withdraw?

You can use any Bitcoin wallet address to withdraw your Bitcoins. For example Coinbase wallet, etc

How much time will it take to receive my Bitcoin payment?

We will process withdraw within 48 hours of payment request.

What is minimum withdraw amount?

You can make a withdraw request of as low as 1000 Satoshi.

How much satoshi will I earn by posting or replying on posts on this forum?

You will earn 100 Satoshi Per Thread which you create and 10 Satoshi on each reply you will make on your own thread or on thread of anyone else.

Why my new thread or reply was deleted?

If you made a duplicate thread or post copied content from other websites then it will be deleted. Before creating a thread make sure to check it first on our forum to make sure its not duplicate.

Can I my account get Banned?

Yes, your account can get banned if we find copied content posted by you.

Why my Balance deducted sometimes?

When a thread or post created by you is deleted due to copyright issue then credits earned from that thread or post will be deleted.

Is there any posting limits?

Right now you can post up to 5 threads per hour.

Is there any charater limit to receive earnings from my Posts?

Yes, your Thread must be atleast 80 Characters long in order to earn from it.